WMVR AE Report: August 2019

Western Magic Valley REALTORS® 

Association Executive: Ryan Swinney


August Update – Incredible Upcoming Events!


We have a couple of amazing opportunities for Western Magic Valley REALTORS® coming up in the next few months.  The first event is Idaho REALTORS® Convention, which is October 1st through 4th in Sun Valley, ID.  There are many great benefits to attending your state convention, but none greater than the networking opportunities that exist.  If you are not a natural extrovert this may be a real challenge for you, but I challenge you to take 25 business cards and bring back 25 other REALTORS® business cards (not from REALTORS® in your market).  Get to know those REALTOR®  Find out information like what’s happening in their market, what marketing is working for them, where do they find their leads are coming from… Then when you get home, send them a ‘Thank You’ card.  You will build an amazing referral network if you do this simple task.

Networking is not the only reason to attend IR’s Convention.  They have several amazing CE Classes being offered at Convention including your 2019 CORE Class, 1031 Exchange Essentials, Professional Standards, and if you missed him in Twin Falls… CHRIS BIRD is teaching CRS Tax Strategies!!!!  Just ask one of the people who took Chris’ GRI class here in July if they think this class made them money!?!?  On the REALTOR Association side of things, Idaho REALTORS® always leads by example.  This year they will have Nobu Hata and many more NAR Dignitaries to rub shoulders with and get to know.  This is well worth the price of admission.  For more information and to register click here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/idaho-realtors-2019-sun-valley-convention-tickets-59249468756

A second phenomenal event is National Association of REALTORS® 2019 Conference & Expo, which is coming up November 8th – 10th in San Francisco, CA.  You will be surrounded by 20,000 plus REALTORS® (more networking opportunities!).  There are countless educational opportunities, networking opportunities, and beautiful sights and scenes.  Some of my favorite speakers & educators will be at NAR Annual such as NAR Chief Economist Dr. Lawrence Yun, NAR Membership Development Nobu Hata, Chris Bird, Terry Watson, and many, many more!  But, NAR realizes with all this hard work must come some fun.  This year NAR is bringing in Pentatonix for the Celebrity Concert!  If you have never attended a NAR Conference, come this year!  I will be there and can help point you in the direction of some great meetings to attend.  Neither you, nor your business will be sorry.

For more information for NAR Annual Conference click here: https://www.conference.realtor/

Being involved at your State & National Associations is one key way of seeing what your IR & NAR Dues goes for.  These are Conferences built for you, to help you and your business.

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1 thought on “WMVR AE Report: August 2019”

  • Excellent advice Ryan! Networking is one of the most important factors in building a business. It gives you the opportunity to always be learning and building relationships. People like working with people they know and trust. Referrals are a key element to real estate success. Not just the ones you receive but the clients you can pass on to someone you trust when their needs take them out of town or out of state.

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