October 2019 Birthdays

October Birthdays

Nilton Corujo, Silvercreek Realty Group 1
Elmer Blaikie, Gem State Realty 2
John Alves, KWSVSI 2
Rick Faught, BHHS 2
Jenny Weigt, KWSVSI 4
Rex Hartwick, Westerra Real Estate Group 5
Chelsea Tracy, CBC 6
Juli Austin, KWSVSI 7
Karla Ruiz, Gem State Realty 7
Gerry Turner, CBC 8
Scott Cook, Cook Realty, Inc. 9
Debra Nelson, Nelson Realty 10
Amber Tobiason, Super Realty of Idaho 10
Shane Pickup, Idaho Legacy Real Estate 11
Jacque Hamilton, Gem State Realty 11
Charles Joslin, Silvercreek Realty Group 12
Kent McBride, Sun Valley Prop 12
Lisa Lekkerkerk, Mountain West Realty 12
Josh Pelletier, Canyon Trail Realty 12
Aubrey Fisher, Gateway Real Estate 14
Rebecca Ewell, KWSVSI 15
Sharon Goedhart, CBC 16
John Tolk, Gem State Realty 16
Ross Deahl, 208 Real Estate 18
Robert Griffin, KWSVSI 18
Henry Schutte, CBC 19
Nikki Boyd, Twin Falls Real Estate Co. 20
Jim Cartisser, Canyon Trail Realty 22
Caimi Hurley, Magic Valley Realty 22
Jose Lopez, Epic Realty 23
Gary Baty, Idahome Realty 25
Paula Bell, KWSVSI 25
Amber Lafayette, Accel Realty Partners 25
Paul Sucher, Equity NW Southern Idaho 26
Kayla Kidd, Super Realty of Idaho 27
Jessica Sutherland, Epic Realty 29
Carol Jones, KWSVSI 29
Brenda Funk, Westerra Real Estate Group 29
Madalyn Hosack, Equity NW Southern Idaho 30
Amie Halstead, Westerra Real Estate Group 31


*(as of September 2019 WMVR membership roster)
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