What’s new in January 2020?

Changes and Additions to WMVR's Membership as of January 3rd 2020

New Agents and Offices

Shel Telleria, Keller Williams SVSI

Gordon Radke, Keller Williams SVSI

Brent Peterson, Keystone Realty Group

Lori Kudzma, Keller Williams SVSI

Leslie Hamblin, Magic Valley Realty

Kevin Hamblin, Magic Valley Realty

Ambrosio Nava, Lezamiz Real Estate

Jamie Quigley, Epic Realty

Jesse Sutherland, 2018 Real Estate

Michele deReus, Accel Realty Group

Rachelle Garnsey, Willow Realty Group

Heidi Block, Keller Williams SVSI

Coleman Bowyer, Coldwell Banker Canyonside

Carrie Smalley, Keller Williams SVSI

Sarah Cox, Keller Williams SVSI

Matt Hargrave, Kelly Right Real Estate

Jimmie Alcorn, Lezamiz Real Estate

Bonnie Lutz, 208 Real Estate

Moises Garcia, Gateway Real Estate

Agent/Affiliate Changes

Mary Meininger is now with Gem State Realty

Logan Horrocks is re-activated

Aubrey Fisher
Amber Lafayette
Macy Parks
James Harrett
Henry Schutte
Cathie Blevins
Ron Aguirre
David Cheslik
Erin Roe
Nicholas Jacobs
Kourtney Castle
Angela Scouten
Terri Koch
Estevan Chapa
Althea Meador
Leticia Salinas
Bob Roberts
Steven Fisher
Ruby Lopez
Eric Hochendoner
Judy Hochendoner
Jack Robinson
Melvin Magnelli
Scott Shepherd
Laird Erman
Mike Carberry
Shane Jensen
Mary Gil
Brandice Herr

New Affiliates

Storage Land
Self/RV/Climate-Controlled Storage
Kendal and Megan Kowitz - Owners
Ph: (208) 886-0227
2232 A Kimberly Rd, Kimberly

St. Lukes Magic Valley Health Foundation
Non-Profit Charitable Corporation
Brent Evans - Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving
Ph: (208) 814-0037


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