Ryan’ Stream -April 3, 2020 – What to do While Staying in Place – pt. 7

April 3, 2020

NAR Funds Members TeleHealth℠ for REALTORS®

Here’s the article I stole from NAR:

In response to the current health crisis, starting right now, NAR is supporting members by funding two months of Members TeleHealth as a benefit for those who do not currently have access to telemedicine through their insurance or Medicare plan. There is an ongoing significantly reduced rate available thereafter. With this plan you, your agents, and their families can access professional medical treatment from the comfort of home, 24/7/365. Enrollment is limited. Sign up by April 15. Learn more.


I wanted to share some insight on Unemployment Insurance.  First and foremost, self-employed for the first time are going to be allowed to file for Unemployment Insurance utilizing the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program through the Department of Labor in the State of Idaho.  Given this is a new program established by the CARES Act, there are many things that have to be worked out first.

See David Hensley’s email below:

“The following is an update on the PUA Program. The PUA is an extension of the unemployment insurance program to cover individuals impacted by COVID-19, including independent contractors, self-employed or other categories that would include REALTORS. After consulting with the Director of the Idaho Department of Labor, the PUA program is going to take a few weeks to organize. She suggests having members who need unemployment to apply now as a placeholder for future determinations/benefits under the PUA. Basically if a member wants to seek unemployment benefits under the PUA they can immediately:

  • Apply for traditional unemployment insurance at labor.idaho.gov/claimantportal as self employed. Do not include the brokerage.
  • You will likely be denied. Save the denial notice (this will be critical later under the PUA Program). Continue to update your information as required by the department.
  • Then when PUA is available you’ll have proof via that notice you were denied the UI so you can apply for PUA.

Here is the latest from the Idaho Department of Labor:

The CAREs Act expanded the unemployment insurance program to include Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). This program allows payment for individuals who are not eligible for regular benefits, particularly self-employed individuals. We are working with the U.S. Department of Labor on further details so we can implement these changes, which could take several weeks. Please apply for benefits online at labor.idaho.gov/claimantportal and continue to submit your weekly certifications. Enter your work history on the online application as self-employment. We will inform you of any changes that will potentially affect your unemployment benefit claim.

  -David Hensley Idaho REALTORS® CEO”

Again, this is our latest update.  I will keep you informed as we learn more about the PUA Program and The State of Idaho’s implementation of this program.  The State is waiting on guidance from the Federal Government, so this is not going to be a quick process.  But, to insure you are compensated for Unemployment Insurance you must go through this process of applying for normal unemployment insurance; being denied, saving the correspondence so you have a date of original application, and reapplying once the State of Idaho implements U.S. Governments PUA program.




Idaho will conduct its primary as planned on May 19, 2020.

However because of the COVID19, ALL VOTING will be by ABSENTEE BALLOT. No in person voting will be offered.


Important Deadlines

  •  Register to vote by May 19th at 8pm (MST)
  • County clerk must receive ALL requests for an absentee ballot by May 19th at 8pm (MST) 
  • Absentee ballots must be completed and receieved by the County clerk by June 2nd at 8pm (MST)


Stay safe everyone!

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