Are you still working with only one Monitor?

Are you still working with only one monitor on your desk?

Do you find it challenging to work with multiple program windows with just one screen? Do you want to take your office or home office to the next level?

Here are a few suggestions for you. For less then $300-$400 you could have 2 monitors on an articulating stand enabling you to clear the top of your desk AND be more efficient by having multiple monitors. This is very helpful when you are needing to do a Zoom meeting! The items below add up to less than $300!!!

The possibilities are endless!

And with great deals on monitors such as these from Amazon at $109 Each.

Perhaps you just want to get your monitor off the desk. Here is an option.



Perhaps you need to have the option to stand when you are working on your computer. You can go for a set up like this.



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