Attendance Policy for ALL Trainings

Have you wondered what the attendance policies required by IREC are?

Below is a synopsis and a link to the IREC guidelines. Please note, they are subject to change by IREC.

Best Tip: Be Early, Be Present (Physically AND Mentally), and Be Engaged!

General Attendance Guidelines.

“Regular attendance means 100% attendance at all sessions of a live (including courses taught by
interactive video conference and remote delivery) prelicense or continuing education (CE) course.
The Commission obligates instructors and course providers to monitor student attendance and strictly enforce this attendance policy. A certified instructor or course provider may have his/its certification withdrawn for failure to enforce the 100% attendance policy at all course offerings. Use of any electronic devices is not permitted during class time, unless required as part of the course. This includes texting, checking messages, incoming and outgoing calls, or any activities not related to the instruction of the course content. A student who misses any portion (even a few minutes) of a course taken for Post License or CE elective credit may not receive credit for the course unless the provider allows the student to attend the corresponding class session(s) in a subsequent offering of the same course. Students will engage in professional behavior and maintain a professional demeanor while attending classes. This includes dressing appropriately for the classroom environment at all times.
All students are expected to interact with others in a way that promotes and enhances learning for all. Students have the right to express themselves and participate freely in classes. However, they are expected to be courteous and respectful. Offensive or inappropriate language is not to be used in any form of communication. Students are allowed to disagree with each other or the instructor but must do so in a civil manner.”

Remote Delivery (ZOOM) Classes have strict guidelines as well.

Student Requirements
• Must designate a distraction free area to attend the class that is free from background noise, other people, or other things that will distract the student’s attention from the class.
• Must test their equipment and technology with the provider prior to the first class session unless the provider has prior, recent knowledge that the student’s technology is sufficient.
• Must attend 100% of the course as outlined in the IREC Attendance Policy and remain actively engaged for the duration.
• Must not be visibly engaged in any other activities including phone calls, texting, or work of any kind other than notetaking or participating in classwork as directed by the instructor.
• Must not engage in behavior that may distract other students such as but not limited to eating, smoking, vaping, excessive camera movement or walking around with the camera, unnecessary chats, etc.
• Must follow direction given by their instructor regarding muting and unmuting their microphone to help minimize background noise.
• Must keep a full view of the instructor at all times. Must only take breaks when scheduled by the instructor. May only turn off or pause video feed or assign an avatar during scheduled breaks.
• Must respond to every engagement prompt during every class session. If an engagement prompt is missed, they must provide justification to the moderator for why they missed
the prompt.