Become a REALTOR®

How do I Start a Career in Real Estate?

  • Take your 90-hour pre-license course from Western Magic Valley REALTORS®. Offered once per quarter.
  • Schedule and pass your national and state exam at Pearson Vue testing center.
    • (877)540-5833
  • Schedule your fingerprint & background check at Pearson Vue testing center.
  • Gather all your material for licensing:
    • Exam passing certificate
    • Western Magic Valley REALTORS® course completion certificate
    • Proof of high school education or equivalent
    • Copy of photo identification
  • Register an electronic account with Idaho Real Estate Commission (IREC) so you can verify fingerprints have returned to them from Pearson Vue. Note: No one will inform you your prints are in.
  • With all your material in hand, go to IREC and apply for your license, or mail your application to IREC. Your license is granted within a few days as INACTIVE status. Note: No one will inform you that your license has been granted.
  • When you wish to become ‘Active’ in the business and join a brokerage company, you must first obtain Errors and Omissions Insurance policy. Ask your broker which company to use and follow their directions to buy a policy.
    • RISC-Rice Insurance Services Company (800)-637-7319
      • This is the IREC-negotiated E&O provider
  • Your broker then uses the IREC website to bring your license active at their  company.
  • Shortly thereafter (within a few days anyway) ask your broker which local REALTOR® Association you must join and go there to sign up.
    • To sign up, fill  out our New Member Application and either fax or email it to WMVR.
    • Western Magic Valley REALTORS
      • Phone: (208)733-6421
      • Fax: (208)734-5707
      • Email:
  • The REALTOR® Association will assist you with joining the local MLS.
    • IMLS New Member Packet
    • Intermountain Multiple Listing Service (IMLS)
      • Phone: (208)376-4657
      • 9542 Bethel Ct., Boise, Id 83709
  • Get your professional photo taken
  • Get business cards made
  • Send out a professional business letter to your sphere of influence announcing your new career
  • Speak with your broker and/or Western Magic Valley REALTORS® about training classes
  • Remember everything you learned in school and get to work!

How much will becoming a Real Estate Agent Cost?

Agent Costs
(as of April 20, 2018)

Module 1 & 2 (books included)–$ 700.00
State & National Exam–$ 85.00
License Fee–$ 160.00 every two years
Fingerprinting–$ 61.50
Errors & Omissions Insurance–$ 208.00 per year
Local, State & National–$ 635.00 WMVR
New Member Fee–$ 100.00 one-time
Supra Key:
Supra Key Setup–$ 75.00 one-time
Xpress Key–$ 227.88 per year
E-Key Basic–$ 15.19 per month + Tax
E-Key Pro–$ 26.23 per month + Tax
IMLS New Member (one-time)–$ 25.00 security fee
IMLS New Member Activation–$ 75.00
IMLS Per Quarter–$ 90.00 REALTOR®
–$ 244.50 non-REALTOR®
Lockboxes— $100.00 each

***Western Magic Valley REALTORS® does not guarantee accuracy of fees.  Fees are subject to change without notice.  This is presented for a general understanding of the cost and fees associated with obtaining your Idaho real estate license and joining the Western Magic Valley REALTORS®, Idaho REALTORS®, and National Association of REALTORS®.  For more information call Western Magic Valley REALTORS®.

Let’s Get Started!

  • Our next Prelicense Classes are scheduled for June and September, visit the classes and events page
  • Please Call the Board Office for more Information. (208)733-6421